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Please click on this link to see North Lanarkshire Council’s position on the gritting provision.

The severe cold snap has provided the whole country with many challenges, particularly in areas where roads and footpaths are untreated.  We wish to clarify that the responsibility of grit provision is with the Local Authority (North Lanarkshire Council).  Their statement on the attached link as well as supported documentation should clarify their position.

As a gesture of goodwill the Co-operative has tried to help where possible throughout the festive period.  Since there has been a need for salt/grit, we have used whatever supplies we have been able to acquire and put salt in areas where we felt or were aware that priority lay.  This included paths to all closes, paths to front doors of elderly residents and those who have carers visiting.  We also have put salt down at areas deemed higher risk, ie on a slope/hill.

Staff have been in the estate over the holiday period however due to the severe weather we have been restricted as to what areas we could cover as well as changes in the weather giving us extra problems.  It has been a very difficult period and we are still laying salt where possible.  We are also working in a lockdown situation, making it more difficult for us to acquire salt, grit and other resources.

The co-op has also tried reaching out to the local authority and we also thank all residents who have phoned and emailed the Council about the provision of grit.  You will see from their notice how they will prioritise our area.

We hope that this provides some assurance and we will continue to work hard to help make our own parts of the estate safer for tenants to use. 

Wednesday, 6 January 2021

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